Separation and Divorce: Understanding the Property Division Process

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If you are planning on separating from your partners, you should make an agreement on the division of property without going to court. This choice can help you avoid an extended divorce and related expenses. You will only need to make an agreement outlining the fair division of your assets and liabilities. Then, the court will approve, allowing you to separate amicably. Unfortunately, this direct process is not always applicable. If you cannot reach an agreement with the other party, you can apply for an order for division of property from the court.

3 May 2018

Why establishing legal paternity is important for fathers

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Many people mistakenly think that only mothers seek out paternity tests to confirm the biological father of their child. While paternity tests are sometimes used in such cases by mothers to confirm fatherhood, the applications of the test extend beyond that. Fathers have a lot of vested interest in finding out the truth because paternity plays an important role in determining the structure of the family unit and the legal responsibilities of both parents.

27 March 2018

Family Law: What You Need to Know About Parental Responsibility

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Australia's family law is designed to ensure that the best interests and well-being of children whose parents are undergoing divorce or separation are observed. Parental responsibilities and court-given parental orders are some of the ways the law makes sure that children are well taken care of after a relationship has ended. What is parental responsibility? Australia's Family Law Act stipulates that each parent has a responsibility to their child/children until they are 18 years old.

22 February 2018

How to Ensure That Divorce Proceedings Do Not Become the Talk of the Town

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Nothing can prepare you for the emotional upheaval associated with separation and potential divorce. It can seem as if your life is turned upside down and you simply want to hide away somewhere until it's all over. However, you still need to formalise the end of the marriage and may be worried that you have to endure some more torment in public. How much of your private information is going to be made known to others?

9 January 2018

Tips for Leaving Small or Sentimental Items to Loved Ones in Your Will

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When many people think about wills, they think about leaving large items to their loved ones, but wills aren't just for big assets such as homes, cars and savings accounts. You can also use your will to outline which heirs get small possessions and sentimental items. Here are some tips to help you as you explore will and probate law. 1. Make a List of Everything You Own With Sentimental Value

11 December 2017

Going Beyond the Child Support Formula: Questions to Consider

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The Australian government has formulas that help families determine a fair amount of child support for their situations. Essentially, these formulas are set up to ensure that each parent has enough money to live on, and then, the formulas base projected payments on a percentage of each parent's income. Finally, the formulas take into account child support time. In addition to using those formulas, you may want to take a few other factors into account.

25 October 2017

Criminal Law – What Do You Need To Know About Bail?

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When you are arrested, the first thing your criminal lawyer will try to do is put in a bail request so that you are released from custody. Being released from custody gives you the chance to go on with your regular life as you await your case to be heard. However, one misconception people have is that all you need to do when accused of a crime is coming up with the amount required for your bail and that this will guarantee your court appearance or you lose your money.

23 September 2017